1st Class Booklist (2022/23)

(To be paid at the start of the next school year – Monday 29th August 2022)

Please note that all items will be ordered through the school.  The only items required to be purchased yourselves are pencils, a rubber, sharpener, ruler and Twistables.

Please see below a breakdown of costs.

Book rental scheme (school textbooks)€37.00
Arts and crafts€15.00
Assessment and photocopying€20.00
School insurance€8.00
Master your Maths 1€10.55
Cracking maths 1 practice book€7.95
Spellbound 1€8.05
Grow in Love workbook€11.50
Sounds like Phonics workbook€9.05
Just Handwriting first class€4.95
Copies (x10)€6.00
Hardback notebooks (x2)€4.80
Homework diary€4.00
Mesh bag for homework€2.00