Senior Infants’ Booklist 2023/24

From September 2023, textbooks, workbooks and copybooks for children in primary schools will be provided to every child free by their school. There is no charge to parents/guardians for this, as schools receive funding from Government to cover these costs.  The schoolbooks will be on loan to the children. They must be returned at the end of the school year, or if the child leaves the school.  It is important that books are kept in good condition so they can be re-used.  Some workbooks that are to be written in will only be used for a single pupil. Please help make sure your child/children keep their schoolbooks safe and takes care of them, so they can be used again by another child.

Accessories to be purchased by Parents / Guardians

  • Set of twistables or colouring pencils
Arts & Crafts
Assessment & Photocopying
School Insurance
                                                                                    Total: E35

(To be paid at the start of the next school year – Monday 28th August 2023)

Thanking You in Advance

Mrs Sheelan (Class Teacher)