Fire Safety Visit

Rang 3 & 4 recently had a visit from Carlingford Fire Station. Our pupils reflected on the visit by writing a short report below.

A lady from Carlingford fire department came to our school. The lady said remember to switch off all electric stuff before you go to bed. If your clothes catch fire you stop, drop and roll. She said if you see a fire straight away ring 999 or 112. The lady said always check your fire alarm every week. The nice lady give my friends and I an activity book. The lady put on her fire gear.
by Ellie Murphy 3rd class.

Today a lady came in from Carlingford fire department. She told us to turn off everything electrical at night, to not charge anything over night because anything should only take 2 hours to charge, plan your escape route and always test your smoke alarm once a week.
These are some of the tasks you have to pass your firefighter test…….
Climb a long ladder to see if you are afraid of heights and crawl up a small tunnel to see if you were afraid of tight spaces.
By Darragh White 3rd class

A firefighter from Carlingford showed us about hazards and safety forms and also she let me do a demonstration as well. It was fun doing the demonstration because I ran around pretending I was on fire, but then she told me to duck and roll so I got on the ground and rolled.
By Liam O`Hagan, Rang 3

Today a woman called Aisling came to talk to us about fire safety. She told us when your clothes catch fire to stop, drop and roll. She told us not to leave your charger on during the night because it will cause a fire. At the end she give us a fire pack about fire safety.
By Niamh Holland, Rang 4

A lady from the Carlingford fire station called Aisling came into us today. She was telling us how to be safe if there was a fire. You should always check your smoke alarm once a week. She told us to take any electric appliances off charge before you go to bed. If your clothes ever caught fire she told us to STOP, DROP and ROLL. If there was ever a fire close to you, you should call 999 or 112.
By Daniel O`Shaughnessy, 4TH Class.

Today a lovely lady came into our class (3rd & 4th) to teach us about Fire Safety for an hour. First of all she put on her fire gear for going to a fire but forgot to bring her gas cylinder. Then she told us about if our clothes catch on fire to Stop, drop & roll and if there is a fire call 999.She also said it’s not funny to hoax call! Finally she said it was time to get back to Carlingford fire station, but before she went miss Murray (our teacher) took out the camera to get a photo, and then Aisling (the lady how came) gave us a safety team pack. I think today was a good day because I learned a lot about fire safety and I got out of doing English.
Shauna Rice 4th class

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