Halloween Message From Garda Michelle

Fifth and sixth class were very lucky when Garda Michelle visited us and talked to us about how to keep safe at Halloween. She gave us plenty of information about keeping safe over the Holiday Period. We learned just how much damage fireworks can do to us. She also told us that Halloween is the busiest time for everyone at the Garda station. As well as telling Rang 5 & 6 about fireworks, Garda Michelle also told us about bonfires. We all watched a video about a boy that was at a bonfire and unfortunately slipped beside it. He was then rushed to hospital. Obviously we do not want anything to happen to anyone here at Bellurgan, so remember to stay safe but still have fun.

By Niamh Mulligan Rang 6

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'Ar Aghaidh Le Chéile!' - 'Moving Forward Together!'

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