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5th and 6th class are 1st and 2nd class “Reading Buddies” this term once a week. The program is run by Mr Matthew McArdle our 1st and 2nd class teacher and is enjoyable and beneficial for all children involved. It is a straight forward and enjoyable way for more able readers to help less able readers develop their reading ability and has many other positive consequences including enhanced self-esteem, and the development of very positive attitudes towards reading.




More About The Program
Reading buddies is a program in which two or more individuals read together. For example, older students can read with younger students or the younger students can read to the older students. A Reading Buddies program can help model good reading. As with any skill, reading needs to be practiced on a regular basis, and with this practice as well as modeling, students can improve their skills.

A reading buddies program allows older students the opportunity to develop fluency as well as a sense of pride in their accomplishments. In addition, they often come to see the value of reading. Students can not only promote good practices but gain self-esteem. Repeatedly reading easier books has been shown to improve reading abilities in poor readers, and this program provides students with a reason to read easier books.

Reading to younger students can help them develop a love of reading and a greater motivation to read. Younger students should also read to their older buddies each week, as this allows younger readers to feel a sense of accomplishment while they build fluency. As the program provides success in literacy, students often become more positive about their ability to read and may also improve their reading skills. Ideally, buddy visits will be ongoing, and older and younger students will become familiar with one another and nurture a mutual interest in reading.

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