Road Safety Presentation

On Wednesday the 2nd December, Benny Lynch from The Louth County Council came to speak to us in Rang 1 & 2 about Road Safety.
He started off by showing us an unusual object. At first, we did not recognise it. Eventually, and with a little help, we realised that it was a catapult. Micheál, Craig and Daniel all got to use the catapult.
What does a catapult have to do with Road Safety? That is what we were all thinking. He then explained that when a car crashed, it is like a catapult, and, scarily, we are like the little ball from the catapult!!!
Luckily, we can easily prevent this from happening. All we have to do is to remember to put on our seatbelts. Bennt went on to demonstrate a crash using a small replica car and some ‘crashing dummies’. This showed us how dangerous it is when you have not got a seatbelt on. First, Romona pushed the car down the ramp when the models had not got their seatbelts on. When we opened up the car, all 3 passengers were thrown up to the top of the car.
Secondly, John pushed the same car down the ramp. After it crashed, all the passengers were still in their seats. This was because they had their seatbelts on.

1st and 2nd class are now ‘Seatbelt Sheriffs’ and are responsible for all passengers to wear their seatbelts. A most responsible job indeed.

Mr McArdle

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'Ar Aghaidh Le Chéile!' - 'Moving Forward Together!'

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