Cooley Credit Union Eassy Competition


Congratulation to our fourth class student, Anna Carroll who recently came 1st in the Jim Savage, Cooley Credit Union Essay Competition.  She received E50 and her school and classmates are extremely proud of her achievement.  Please read her entry below.


On The Right Track

The atmosphere was electric as we stood on the starting line. I was full of determination to win the long distance race. As I looked down the line at all the faces all I could see was nasty Patricia McGrath sneering at me.

She always won the sprints but she knew I was her competition in the long distance. I looked away quickly I knew I had to stay focused. The whistle went I took the lead. After 400 meters I was a good distance ahead. The arrow clearly pointed to the left so I went with it. I went to the left and then the track started getting boggy underneath by feet. I ran a bit more, I looked behind to see who was catching up with me but to my delight there was no one insight. I thought to myself smugly I have this race won!!! So I ran on a bit more and looked behind once more still no one insight.

I thought well this is strange they’re not as fast as me but they’re not that slow. It then clicked with me that arrow did look a bit tampered with, I screamed PATRICIA!!!  I quickly turned on my heels and went back the way I came .When I finally got back on track the race was finished with me being last.  Patricia the winner again, someday I’ll beat PATRICIA!!!

By Anna Carroll, Rang 4

Written by

'Ar Aghaidh Le Chéile!' - 'Moving Forward Together!'

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