Junk Art Robots

The Junior Infants used recyclable materials to make these super robots! We collected lots of different things to make them, including bottle caps, bottles, cartons, containers, yoghurt pots, boxes, kitchen rolls, plastic jars, Pringles tubes and lots more things. We had to make sure everything was clean first, then we chose different materials to make the robots’ bodies and heads. Then we added arms and legs, faces, hats and lots of different things like wings and laser shooters! We had to use lots and lots of cellotape to stick them together! When the robots were finished we showed them to our friends. We had to tell everyone what they were made of and what special tricks our robots can do. We had lots of fun making our robots and we can’t wait to bring them home!

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'Ar Aghaidh Le Chéile!' - 'Moving Forward Together!'

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